Supplements or natural Vitamin C?

What is a better source of Vitamin C? Supplements or natural Vitamin C? What fruits and vegetables is the best source of Vitamin C?

Definitely, eat vitamin-rich foods first and then supplement if needed.

Vitamin C is essential to our health as it is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body.

We can’t produce Vitamin C and we can’t store it that’s why it’s so important to make sure we provide our body with enough Vitamin C throughout a day.

Vitamin C is not just lemons. You can easily eat your healthy daily dose.

Recommended daily intake is 100-200mg but each one of us will have different needs of Vitamin C depending on the lifestyle we have.

It’s good to note that Vitamin C is very fragile and cooking, cutting even storing, bruising and light exposure is decreasing the Vitamin C levels in the fruit or vegetable. 

The good thing is that there is always enough Vitamin C left for you to benefit from. It’s best to eat raw fruit and veg, or steamed to get the most of Vitamin C. Cooking in water is most harmful to Vitamin C.

Of course, there are times when supplements are needed. If you feel you need an extra boost of Vitamin C take supplements, just choose a brand you can trust.

The good news is that one orange will give you approx 71 mg of Vitamin C and bell peppers even more than that. You can eat enough Vitamin C to keep you healthy. You can start with orange and raspberry smoothie aka immune booster.

Best natural sources of Vitamin C

Source Mg of Vit C in 100g
Bell pepper yellow 183.5
Bell pepper red 127.7
Kale 120
Kiwi 92.7
Broccoli 89.2
Bell pepper green 80.4
Orange 71
Papaya 60.9
Strawberries 58.8
Pineapple 47.8
Mango 36.4
Raspberries 26.2

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