Psyllium husk

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Psyllium husk contains a lot of fibre, very beneficial in keeping your gut healthy. It's a great binder very useful in gluten free and egg free baking.

Psyllium is the husk of the Plantago plant seed.

Psyllium contains a lot of fibre and is very beneficial in keeping your gut healthy.

Because of the high fibre content, it’s best to start with smaller amounts of psyllium in your diet and see how you feel.

Apart from high fibre content we use psyllium husk because it’s a great binder which is very useful in gluten free and egg free baking. Psyllium combines ingredients beautifully.

Try psyllium husk in pancakes, waffles, flatbread or as a thickening agent in jams. It really works great.

Store psyllium husk in a dry, cool place in your cupboard.

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