Eggs – boiled, fried, scrambled or raw?

Eggs - boiled, fried, scrambled or raw? Eating eggs is very beneficial. But let’s have a look how you can prepare a tasty egg and keep it healthy.

Eating eggs is very beneficial. But let’s have a look on a matter of how you can prepare a tasty egg and keep it healthy.

Let’s eat it raw

When it comes to eating raw eggs there is a lot of controversies. Putting aside the texture probably the biggest factor that is pushing people away from eating raw eggs is Salmonella. This bacteria can cause a lot of damage to your body so in my opinion it’s not worth the risk. Especially when you look at the numbers and see that the loss of nutrients is not that big. In this case, I’m going to agree with official recommendations and say that it is safest to avoid raw eggs.

Let’s cook that egg. There are many ways that you can prepare your egg and I looked on the nutrient values for some of them.

Hard-boiled egg

This is one of the best ways of preparing eggs. Looking at the numbers we would see that the nutrient change in comparison with a raw egg is marginal. Hard boiling an egg eliminates the risk of Salmonella while keeping all the good stuff in.

Fried egg

The main challenge when frying eggs is to keep them from sticking to the pan. In order to deal with this problem, we need to introduce some fat and this will keep eggs from sticking but at the same time, we are adding fats to the eggs. And not the good one. The change is significant and although it creates a great taste from the health point of view this is the worst way to prepare your egg. 

Fry without fat?

Is there any way to make it better? Sure, use a nonstick pan and use as little fat as possible. We tried frying an egg with no fat at all but it will stick to the pan. Some fat must be used.

Poached egg

This is very similar to the hard-boiled egg and some numbers are even better. But be aware that you will be changing those numbers if you add anything to the water. In my opinion, this is a good way to prepare your egg if you remember not to introduce any unnecessary nutrients through the water like vinegar.


When making omelet we must introduce some fat to the equation and the more we add the more we will decrease the healthiness of an egg. We also lose some of the protein value.

Scrambled egg

This is another case of changing the egg nutrient value by the introduction of fat. But looking at the raw numbers fat levels are better than an omelet and much better than fried egg. On the downside, scrambled egg has the lowest protein levels.

And the winner is…

To summarize I can say that the main factor that is changing the nutrient value of an egg is the fat that we add in the process.

The healthiest way to prepare an egg is to boil it. We keep most of the nutrient value of the raw egg without risking Salmonella and we are not adding anything unhealthy, e.g. fat.

Data that I used to compare different egg nutrition values comes from USDA.

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