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Dates are great substitute for sugar in baking. They have a good amount of fiber and other minerals.They are a great in smoothies, energy bars, granola.

Dates are a sugar dense fruit with a sticky, gooey and almost toffee like taste. 

Dates are energy dense food consisting mostly of carbohydrates. The sugars in dates are mostly glucose and fructose. Dates have a good amount of fiber, they are rich in Potassium, and a good source of Iron.

Dates are high in FODMAPs and should be avoided by people sensitive to them, people with IBS or leaky gut syndrome.

Dates are great on their own or paired with peanut butter, they are great in smoothies, cookies, energy bars, granola or cakes.

We recommend substituting any kind of sugar or syrup for dates when baking. Dates are high in sugar and can give incredible sweetness to any baked goods. The difference in using dates to any other form of sugar is that you are getting all the fiber, and minerals as well.

When buying dates consider what you are going to use them for. If you are using them for baking both soft Medjool and more dried varieties of dates will be sufficient. More dried dates are usually cheaper and can be soaked before using and Medjool dates can be used straight away. If you buy dates for snacking go for the softer dates like Medjool as they are good to eat as they are.

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