Can Vitamin C boost our immune system?

The answer is yes. Vitamin C can boost our immune system but not the way you might expect. There are good reasons to ensure you get enough of it.

The answer is – definitely yes.

Although Vitamin C has no effect on us getting a cold or not, it is a major benefactor in our overall health. 

Since Vitamin C is essential to our skin, hair, blood vessels, bone and teeth repair, how quickly our wounds heal it has a major impact on how our immune system works. 

Vitamin C is highly concentrated in immune cells and is consumed quickly during an infection. 

If we don’t supply enough Vitamin C throughout a day, especially at times of extensive exhaustion, energy expenditure we are compromising our body’s ability to regenerate properly and fight the infections off.

That’s why the daily supply of Vitamin C is so essential. Here is a more detailed article about why is Vitamine C essential to our health.

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