Buckwheat flour

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Buckwheat flour is a great flour to use an alternative to standard flour. It's really good in pancakes, crepes, waffles and flatbread.

Buckwheat flour is made from grinding buckwheat into a flour consistency. Buckwheat is treated as a grain but is in fact fruit seed and is closely related to wild rhubarb.

Even though the name is buckwheat flour, buckwheat flour doesn’t contain wheat and is therefore gluten free.

Although buckwheat is gluten free it can be processed in the same facilities as gluten containing products and because of that cross-contamination is very possible. To make sure you are buying gluten free flour check the package.

Buckwheat flour can be used to make pancakes, crepes, flatbread, waffles, banana bread and other delicious baked goods.

Treat buckwheat flour as any other flour and store in a dry and cool place in your cupboard.

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