Avocado breakfast toast 6 ways

Let’s just state the obvious – avocado rules! 🙂

And avocado on toast is magic, pure magic. Just toast, avocado and a bit of salt is pure nirvana by itself. But, the more the merrier so here are some of my favorite avo toast toppings – avocado breakfast toast 6 ways.

Avocado breakfast toast 6 ways - 6 delicious toppings to make your breakfast avocado toast experience even more delicious

I mashed avocado, added a pinch of salt piled a spoonful on each toast and got creative.

Avo with strawberry and tahini – slices of sweet strawberries with as much tahini as you can pile on the toast. Sweet, salty, nutty – delicious.

Avocado toast with strawberry and tahini

Avo with roasted squash and toasted hazelnuts – roughly chop hazelnuts and toast them on dry, hot pan (or in the oven) to intensify hazelnuttiness. Plus roughly chopped roasted squash (whole squash cut in half and roasted with skin on for 40-60 minutes). This combo is so amazing. Squash tastes so well with avocado and hazelnuts.

Avocado toast with toasted squash and toasted hazelnuts

Avo with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds – toast the seeds on dry, hot pan until golden and scatter on avo toast. Intense nuttiness and salty avocado. Yum!

Avocado toast with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Avo with cucumber, chia seeds, sesame seeds and flaxseed – fresh cucumber, crunchy seeds and salty avocado. Amazing.

Avocado toast with cucumber, chia seeds, sesame seeds and flaxseeds

Avo with pear and toasted walnuts –  roughly chop walnuts and toast them in dry, hot pan (or in the oven) until golden. Add with pear slices to avocado toast. Pear and walnut work so great together. This amazing combo is taken to another level by adding avocado to the mix.

Avocado toast with pear and toasted walnuts

Avo with cherry tomatoes and black pepper – such a classic combo. Sweet and slightly tangy tomato plus salty avocado, with feistiness of black pepper is just delicious.

Avocado toast with cherry tomatoes and black pepper

You most definitely tried some of those combos. And I know you like them. Hopefully you got some new oideas that will make your avo breakfest toast experience even more delicious.

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