Almond butter

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Almond butter is a great clean diet pantry staple. It’s very helpful in making quick snacks, great in smoothies, energy bars, with pancakes and with fruit.

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Almond butter is absolutely amazing and a great pantry staple. It’s very helpful in making quick snacks. Think apple and almond butter. Or banana and almond butter. Or even dates with almond butter. These options are quick and a portable out and about snack solution.

Almond butter is great in smoothies, on toast, with pancakes, crepes, in porridge, breakfast bowls, energy bars.

Make sure you buy clean almond butter without any added oil or sugar. You only want the almond goodness ground to perfection.

Almond butter will keep for months in your cupboard in a dry and cool place but I’m pretty sure it won’t last that long 🙂

Oil separation is natural when buying natural nut butter. Just stir the oil in and enjoy.

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