Gluten free tacos

by Justyna

Gluten free tacos are basically gluten free oat pancakes loaded with all the good stuff – greens, cucumber, avocado and egg. When I carefully arranged all I wanted to have on the pancake and picked it up, I thought – it’s a taco! So here it is – yummy gluten free tacos which you definitely need in your life.

Every little parcel is carefully engineered. You want a perfect ratio of each ingredient.

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Epic chocolate cake – gluten, processed sugar, and butter free

by Justyna

This cake is super chocolatey.

It’s melt in your mouth delicious, moist and fudgy.

It has creamy, rich and chocolatey frosting.

On top of that it’s gluten free, it has no processed sugar and frosting is not made with butter.

This cake is like a dream come true for clean eaters.

I love chocolate cake. With lots of chocolate frosting. It’s my favorite cake in the world.

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5 minutes breakfast porridge with porridge mix

by Justyna

It’s amazing what warm bowl of porridge can do in the morning. It gives warmth, comfort and good fuel to get your day started properly.

It’s whatever you want it to be because of what spices, nuts, seeds, fruit you add to it.

It’s a creamy bowl of breakfast perfection.

Not to mention that porridge is really healthy and clean eating breakfast.

I really enjoy making porridge in the morning,

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5 ingredients sweet and salty truffles

by Justyna

You know how when you sprinkle a bit of good salt on chocolate it tastes just heavenly.

It brings out the flavour of chocolate and the chocolate tastes even more chocolatey.

And you know how adding peanut butter to the mix (think Reese’s peanut butter cups) makes the most amazing combo?

Sweet, salty, nutty AND chocolatey?

Well, I just made almond truffles covered in a chocolate layer of goodness.

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30 minutes, one bowl, one spoon almond cookies

by Justyna

Eating clean doesn’t mean you have to give up sweet treats.

Like cookies. Cookies should be a part of your life.

When you are up against it and you need a bit of a breather tea and cookie break is what’s needed to keep you going. I know it works for me 🙂

This calls for clean eating approach to baking cookies. All you need is few real food ingredients and since I’m all about easy and quick cooking you will only use one bowl,

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Truly gluten free buckwheat granola

by Justyna

You probably like granola.

It’s sweet, nutty, crunchy and a proper comfort food.

But what if you counldn’t eat granola because oats are a no-no in your diet? That doesn’t sound too good, right?

I always had a thing for granola. It’s one of my breakfast favorites. When I made my first granola batch I was amazed how easy it is and how much better it tastes than the store bought one.

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Make ahead blueberry pancakes for an easy weekday breakfast

by Justyna

Sunday mornings are the best. You can sleep in a bit, you have time for a lazy coffee, and time to make an epic breakfast.

Imagine – pancakes.  With jam, yogurt and fresh fruit. You gather around the table still in your PJ’s and you dive in. Perfect morning.

That’s a great picture, but at best, this kind of scenario is available only once a week.

What about the remaining 6 days?

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Eggs for breakfast – how to make breakfast in 5 minutes

by Justyna

I have to say I love eggs for breakfast.

On a sandwich, boiled, scrambled, with avocado. Eggs are such a great breakfast staple and I’m a really big fan.

When I started eating clean bought breakfast was not an option anymore. Which meant I needed to make my breakfasts at home, either to eat quickly then and there or take to work with me.

Somehow eggs got pushed back to a weekend breakfast.

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Quick breakfast toast 4 ways

by Justyna

Quick breakfast toast 4 ways is to give you an inspiration for the next time you are wondering – what’s for breakfast.

The inevitable question that pops up every day – what to have for breakfast.

These 4 ideas for breakfast toast are for those days when nothing comes to mind.

For when hunger strikes but somehow even a full fridge does not give any clues as what to make 🙂

Toast with cucumber,

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Pretty pink strawberry smoothie

by Justyna

Smoothie making can be a tricky business in the color department – you never know what is going to come out. Even if you strategically plan your smoothie. When this beautiful pale pink smoothie came out of my blender I just had to name it pretty pink strawberry smoothie!

I knew smoothie would be pink – strawberries were a kinda giveaway but this lovely color was pleasantly unexpected 🙂

It’s always nice when your food looks good as well as tastes good 🙂

Apart from being pretty,

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